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Stories of transformation from past students:

This is the one course that didn’t promise to change my life and actually did. When I started RESET, I was feeling bogged down with work I no longer enjoyed, and I had no idea how to visualize my next creative path. The course helped me clear out the clutter and get my priorities in order. Now I feel like my work is worthwhile.

—Julie Coats—

Medical Illustrator

RESET mends the dissonance between tiny tasks and big dreams. It helped me see a path forward and gave me the tools to refine my process as projects unfold. I feel like I’m accomplishing more and understanding what is possible to ask of myself in a given workday. Daily tasks feel meaningful even if they are small actions.

—Sarah Lochhead—


RESET has helped me have a more clear and focused mindset, manage my work better, and feel more productive. I know it’s going to have a positive effect on my life for years to come.

—David Sevey—


This is one of the most well-organized, practical and uplifting experiences you can give yourself. You’ll be beyond surprised at how much you’ll discover and grow through the process.

—Jesikah Maria Ross—

Media Artist

Since taking RESET, I am more intentional with my work and more protective of my time & energy. The course is guiding me in a thousand micro-decisions that I make each day.

—Marc-Antoine Antonini—

Digital Product Designer

A lot of productivity advice tends to be very hard and fast — the gentleness of Jocelyn’s approach really sets this course apart. I feel more productive and much calmer.

—Romas Kazlauskas—


RESET came at the perfect time for me — as I was going through another bout of burnout. The tools I gained from the course have helped me salvage my brain and create a new vision for myself. I’m excited and optimistic for the first time in years.



Prior to taking this course, I had some guilt around my creative process because I wasn’t working in the way, or at the speed, that others might want me to. RESET has given me confidence in my creative process and helped me define and honor the way I want to work.

—Angie Wheeler—


It’s been such a gift to have this quiet space to consider how I’m approaching my goals, and I’m bowled over by the professionalism and presentation of the course.

—Lucy Bellwood—

Graphic Artist

This course is such a great investment in your day-to-day quality of life. I am so much happier with how I spend my time and more relaxed about what’s before me.

—Linda Brandt—

Community Builder

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RESET puts the power of your workday back in your hands.