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How the RESET Sliding Scale Works

Hello! I’m offering a new sliding scale option to make the “productivity healing” of RESET available to as many people as possible.

Please do me the courtesy of reading this entire page before you access the sliding scale rates.

I am operating on the honor system for all discounts, and in order to select the one that’s right for you, it’s necessary to have some context.

I appreciate your consideration. 🙏

What if you can’t afford the full price of the course?

The full price point of RESET is a “fair” market rate for the course. However, the economic systems within which we live are patently unfair — resulting in substantive inequities in terms of financial means.

Because I want this course to be as accessible as possible to everyone, I’m now offering a sliding scale for those who couldn’t otherwise access the course.

The payment rates are clearly and simply described below, using language inspired by herbalist Alexis J. Cunningfolk, who I found via breathwork teacher Jennifer Patterson

I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask you to provide proof of your financial situation, so all of these rates are available on the honor system.

Please consider your wealth in full as you make your decision — that includes obvious components like your wages and savings as well as less visible components like access, privilege, and family wealth.

Creating a balanced ecosystem, between those who pay the full rate and those who pay the lower rates, is what will allow me to continue offering this sliding scale option.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this & to honestly consider what’s possible for you. 💓

** Note: These rates are only available from Jan 18 – Jan 28, when registration is open. If you’re reading this in advance, the codes will be “activated” when registration opens. **

RESET Course Sliding Scale Rates:

If the sliding scale language below seems confusing, check out this visualization of financial privilege from Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

$349 – Pay It Forward
This price is for those who are doing well, and would like to donate a little extra to support the community and make the lower tier pricing options available.

To pay it forward, enter the “discount code” PAYFORWARD on the registration page, which will add $30 to your tuition.

$319 – Full Price
This price reflects the actual cost of the course. If you choose a payment option below this one, please be aware that you are receiving a discount.

To pay at the full price, simply visit the registration page.

$199 – 40% Off
This price is for those who are able to meet their basic needs but who have little expendable income to draw on. Paying for the course may be a sacrifice but it’s not creating hardship. You are likely employed but in a position with wages on the lower end of the spectrum, perhaps working at a nonprofit, doing social justice work, etc.

To pay at the 40% off price, enter the discount code SLIDING40 on the registration page.

$119 – 60% Off
This price is for those who are struggling to meet their basic needs and for whom paying for this course would be a significant hardship. You are likely unemployed, underemployed and/or experiencing very serious financial hardship.

To pay at the 60% off price, enter the discount code SLIDING60 on the registration page.

Note: Please do not share or publish these discount codes elsewhere out of context. Thank you kindly. 🙌