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A course presented by Hurry Slowly

A cosmic tune-up for your workday.

RESET is a four-week course created by Jocelyn K. Glei that shows you how to work in a way that is intentional, energizing, and inspiring.

We’re on the verge of a burnout epidemic. Almost 50% of Americans say that they are regularly exhausted from work.

Technology has taught us to work in a way that’s unsustainable. We’ve become so attached to our devices, that we now treat our minds and our bodies like computers — expecting them to operate continuously, without stop.

I created RESET to help us recalibrate the way we work before it’s too late. To help us push back against the toxic habits of technology and learn how to work in a way that is sustainable and powerful.

We’re in the grip of a more, better, faster mentality that drains our energy and makes us feel like we’re never doing enough. 

RESET advocates for a new way of working — a heart-centered approach to productivity that’s nurturing and sustainable and powerful.

RESET is a 4-week course that will transform the way you work through a series of video talks, reset rituals, meditations, and live Q&As.

Jan 19 – Jan 25

Week I: Intention & Motivation

Reset 1: Clear-Eyed Goals
Pursue your goals with grace & tenacity by imagining the obstacles in advance

Reset 2: A Daily Victory Dance
Create a feedback loop for momentum by celebrating small victories every day

Reset 3: Calling in Your Allies
Infuse your process with intention and joy by embracing social accountability

Jan 26 – Feb 1

Week II: Energy & Attention

Reset 4: The Golden Hours
Feel energized all day long by aligning your work with your body clock

Reset 5: Effortless Attention
Find flow effortlessly by shifting between the two types of attention

Reset 6: Active Rest
Nourish your creativity by making rest & reflection a daily practice

Feb 2 – Feb 8

Week III: Technology & Boundaries

Reset 7: A Safe Space
Clarify your boundaries w/ technology and liberate yourself from other people’s rules

Reset 8: Task Alignment
Align your tasks, your email, and your calendar with the work that matters

Reset 9: Saying No
Free yourself from unwanted commitments by saying “no” with kindness

Feb 9 – Feb 15

Week IV: Inspiration & Ideas

Reset 10: Free-Flowing Ideas
Open up space for new ideas to flow by balancing your inputs and your outputs

Reset 11: Skillful Inspiration
Invite aha-moments through consistent practice and consistent curiosity

Reset 12: 3-D Self-Expression
Tap into your inner voice by expanding your canvas and working in 3-D

Farewell Integration: Tuning In

Reset 13: Closing Attunement
A final power up to return you to your work renewed & refreshed

Guided Rituals, Meditations, Q&As

+ 12 Reset Rituals
Each lesson is accompanied by a “reset ritual” that’s designed to help you embody the material. It includes a reflective prompt and a worksheet template that you can use again and again.

+ 5 Meditations
Each phase in the RESET journey wraps with a meditation to help you identify and release old patterns and invite healthy new practices into your daily routine.

+ 4 Live Q&As
Each week I’ll be leading a live Q&A to answer your questions so that you can tailor the concepts I share to your specific workflow and creative goals.

The course begins on January 19, 2019.

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Host of the Hurry Slowly podcast and the creator of RESET.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve created one of the world’s top creative conferences, a bestselling book series, and a podcast with nearly a million downloads.

In the process, I’ve spoken to hundreds of top researchers, artists, and entrepreneurs, and been through my own “busyness burnout” and recovery as I pushed a series of ambitious creative projects out into the world.

Now I’ve taken all of that research and hard-won personal experience and distilled it down into RESET, a transformative, 4-week course that will put the power of your workday back in  your hands.

How I’ve helped people work in a more calm, confident, and creative way:

I started working as a freelancer last year, and it’s been a big transition. The tips Jocelyn has shared have helped me focus, create, and be productive. More than any tool or other advice.

—Laura Bosco—


Integrating Jocelyn’s advice with my existing systems transformed my experience. I’ve never been as effective with my time, and I’ve never felt as peaceful before. It’s hard to even describe the extent of the change.

—Jeff Weiner—

Student, Princeton

Jocelyn’s work affects me deeply. She’s helped me make many improvements to the quality of my day-to-day life — helping me be more creative, develop more grace and balance, and generally get a better meta-understanding of behavior, motivation, and so much more.

—Colin Ho—

Writer & Musician

In 2018, I decided to branch out and start a freelance career. It’s been harrowing, fantastic, stressful, and energizing all at the same time. During the process, Jocelyn’s work has consistently helped me align and orient myself at key moments along the journey.

—Kris Niles—

Product Designer


A 2-minute course overview:

  • What the course will do for you
  • Outline of the core concepts
  • The look & feel of the lessons

What the Course Offers:

→ 12 video lessons

→ 12 reset rituals

→ 10 years of research

→ 4 live Q&A sessions

→ 4 meditations

→ 2 attunements


The Time Commitment

RESET is designed to unfold over four weeks beginning on Jan 19, 2019.

To get the most out of the course, I recommend setting aside at least 1 – 2 hours a week to watch the videos and move through the reset rituals.

You will have full access to all the lessons from the moment the course opens on Jan 19, and for the lifetime of the course.

Total Lesson Run-time: 4 Hours

RESET puts the power of your workday back in your hands.

The course begins on January 19, 2019.

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